Last summer I took two clients to lunch at a restaurant here at Lake Anna. At the end of the meal I realized I did not have my wallet, which meant no money or credit card. How embarrassing! I approached our waitress/cashier, explained my situation and was immediately told not to worry, to just come back and pay the bill another time.
Now this was not the owner or manager telling me this…it was a young woman, who had never set eyes on me, and I did not want her to risk losing her job. I insisted she keep my digital camera. She must have realized that it was like offering up my cat or dog. (My children will never forgive me if I compare it to them.) She refused, I insisted, she refused, I left the camera. After all, how does she explain away an unpaid bill?
Once more it brought home to me why I love this place where I live.

The bill (plus a mighty fine tip) was paid the next day and the camera retrieved but the good feelings remain. Can you imagine the impression that made on my clients? I’m not talking about the one my clients (and yes they are still clients…not former) had of me but what they thought of my neighborhood.

Lake Anna has become a big neighborhood for me. It is 17 miles long with over 250 miles of shoreline and over 120 subdivisions. None the less, it is my neighborhood.

When I tell clients that Lake Anna is a wonderful place to live, I mean it.